Music Theory & Practical Classes

Do you wish you could read music? or maybe you want your kids to be able to read music and play along. If you are learning to play an instrument such as the piano, guitar, violin, clarinet etc. you should learn to read music as you learn your instrument. When you learn new notes make sure you can read them on the music staff.

Music can both be practical and theory, knowing the rudiments of music is the first through step to mastery of your voice, your instrument and your entire music career. Some schools skip the basic and rush you through the line of learning a music skill either voice or instrument. But not us at Harry Field music Academy, we are dedicated to raising music geniuses that can compete at every facet in their career. That is why we are the best music school in Nigeria.

So common and enroll with us either as a beginner, intermediate or advance practitioner of modern day music. We will take you from the old tunes to the new and expand your knowledge in music towards making you that superb musician that you are