Music Academic Studies

Academic Studies are essential to every Harry Field Music Academy student’s creative development. A comprehensive range of topical courses is offered across the disciplines of Historical MusicologyAnalysisPerformance Practiceand Composition, as well as Aural TrainingKeyboard SkillsTechnology, and Conducting (Academic Studies) courses which are designed to reinforce students’ critical awareness as performers and/or composers.

Actually we begin with this to give our students an all round knowledge of music and avail them the opportunity to find their own sound, choose their own instrument, Learn how to read music, Learn how to perform, Learn how to compose and lots more.

When you enroll yourself or your kid to learn any instrument with Harry Field Music Academy, We start with the fundamentals of music which is all encompassing in this course. You or your kid get to learn these basic theory of music that would create a well rounded foundation as you progress along our other practical courses. Get Started and enroll yourself or your kids today. Fill out the form below and we will contact you immediately